Partner Companies

Companies are the backbone of apprenticeship training. Apprentices enter into apprenticeship contracts with their chosen companies, who will support them throughout their apprenticeship training.

The companies/apprentices


wdt_ID 2018 JULY 2016 JUNE 2015 MAY 2013
1 African Electrical Contractors Noble motors Diamond Motors Ltd Noble Motors Tz Ltd- DSM
2 Police MVM Scania Police Ufundi Police Ufundi – DSM
3 Advent Contractors Ltd Diamond motors Kilombero Sugar Scania Tz Ltd – Dsm
4 Doch Ltd UsanguRetreads Usangu Retread TZ Ltd CFAO Motors (DT Dobie) –DSM
5 Express Trade Police Noble Motors TZ Ltd Diamond Motors – DSM
6 Malisa Garage CMC Automobiles Lake Cement Toyota Tz Ltd - DSM
7 Scania Tz Ltd Lake Cements Scania TZ Ltd
8 Usangu Retread Oasis Advent Tanganyika Ltd
9 Nissan Tanzania Achelis - DSM


wdt_ID 2018 JULY 2016 JUNE 2015 MAY 2013
1 Derm Company Bati Industry ALAF Tanzania Ltd Twiga Cement- DSM
2 ESE Electrical Contractors Derma Elevator/Electric DERM - DSM East Africa Elevator – DSM
4 Power Electronics Ltd Lake Cement ACHELIS - DSM Power Electronics - DSM
5 Express Company Sky Read Hotel Bagamoyo Advent Tanganyika Ltd Tz Breweries - DSM
6 Advent Company Power Electronic C S I TZ Ltd Serengeti Breweries
7 Police MVM Tanzania Breweries Ltd VITA Foam TZ Ltd
8 Lake Cement


wdt_ID 2018 JULY 2016 JUNE 2015 MAY 2013
1 Stella Maris Q Wine Moivaro Lodge Arusha Uhuru Hotel - Moshi
2 Wildebeest Tours & Safaris Leopard Hotel Marangu Hotel Kibo Palace - Arusha
3 Megan Resorts Uhuru Hotel Mountain Inn Lodge Mount Meru - Arusha
4 Capricon Hotel Mountain Inn Ikoma Bush Camp – Serengeti Capricorn Hotel - Moshi
5 Planet Lodge Zara Tours Uhuru Hotel Ndoto Lodge
6 Q Wine Capricon Hotel Qwine Hotel - Moshi Leopard Hotel
7 Ramada Hotel Stella Maris Moivaro KIA Lodge
8 Uhuru Hotel Green Land Hotel
9 Selig Hotel Moivaro Lodge
10 Kemangole Lodge

  • Company Training Equipment Donations:

Training equipment and consumables are always in high demand and very expensive. Both VETA and HWK have a limited budget and the project management welcomes any support given to the project from the partner companies. Since the companies are the employers of the apprentices all donations and assistance has a direct benefit to the companies. Of course there is no obligation and we are extremly grateful to the companies who have participated so far.

Donations to date:

  • Scania have donated a Mercedes panel van.
  • Noble Motors have donated a Peugeot car.
  • CFAO have donated numerous axels and gearboxes.

The above mentioned donations have been of invaluable help to our hands-on intensive practical training activities. The management and the apprentices are extremely thankful for the support and active interest shown by these companies.