German Dual Apprenticeship Training at VETA

VETA and the Handwerkskammer Hamburg, Germany, have joined forces to help Tanzania create a skilled labour force, and to provide young people easier access to the local labour market.

The Dual Apprenticeship Training System is designed to help people, without previous training, to enter the job market as apprentices in a craft of their choice.

The dual system is comprised of alternating On-the-job and Off-the- training periods or blocks during which young apprentices learn the basic, predominantly practical skills of a trade both in a training institution workshop at VETA and in the real working environment as an employee at their company.

Since 2011 a resident consultant from the Handwerkskammer Hamburg is providing managerial and technical know how to help VETA set up a Dual Apprenticeship Training System in Auto-mechanics and Electrical in Dar es Salaam, and Hospitality in Moshi.

Newly renovated training facilities at VETA have been designed to offer an adequate training environment for the apprentices to learn their skills hands-on.

During special workshops with representatives of the industries, tailor made training programs have been designed to suit the needs of the local industries.

Pilot Project/Initial Phases

A prolonged period of piloting has been necessary to thoroughly analyze the format and structure of the Dual Apprenticeship System in the local context and to assure sustainability. Therefore, the initial phases of this new course were set up as a pilot project to allow for later expansion after all necessary trials and adjustments have been completed. Training began in May 2013 in Dar es Salaam, with 16 apprentices each in auto mechanics and electrical installation.  A month later, in June 2013 training began in Moshi RVTSC with 16 apprentices in hospitality.

During the Piloting Period

An appropriate practical oriented training programme has been developed. Testing is ongoing and appropriate adjustments are being made accordingly.

Appropriate certification is at present being sourced and developed.