The hospitality sector is in Moshi RVTSC, Moshi. 2 new teachers have been employed since Jan 2013. Training began in June 2013 with a total of 16 apprentices from 5 different hotels.
In September 2014 a third teacher was recruited in preparation for a 2nd batch intake of apprentices anticipated for 2015.
The original Moshi RVTSC training kitchen was converted for hospitality/Hotel training. The restaurant was up graded and an old, 2 bedroomed guest house was renovated for front desk and housekeeping training. The equipment was supplied by the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts and VETA renovated the facilities.
International short term experts are engaged by the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts, a number of times yearly, to conduct Teacher Training Workshops. Separate short term experts are required for Hotel and kitchen training.

3-day planning workshops with representatives from the relevant industries were held to discuss the structure and contents of the Dual Apprenticeship courses. A 3 year comprehensive course with 3 annual Off-the-Job Block releases at VETA was agreed.

Northern Zone Ambassadors of Hospitality

Abdi Massawe

2018 Hospitality Ambassador


Moses Msapo

Teacher and instructor

Judith Mvula

Cook instructor

McDonald Chiamba